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3 Wicked Smart Ways to Save Money on Your Auto Repairs

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3 Wicked Smart Ways to Save Money on Your Auto Repairs

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When it comes to auto repair, you know that every mechanic or workshop cannot be trusted. How many times has it happened that due to the lack of knowledge about your vehicle’s manufacturing, parts, machinery or any other reason, the mechanic was successful in over-charging you?

Big-techie-words and unfamiliar malfunctioning terminologies were used to rip you off for auto repairs in the mid-day sun. Say ‘no more’ to such rip-offs and refuse to be fooled by simply following these guidelines.


Have knowledge about machinery:

Simple knowledge about vehicles, in general, and about your own car, in particular, may help you a great deal from being deceived. Read the user manual and follow instructions about mandatory services like oil change, filter change, etc. and they may save you from major auto repairs down the lane.

You should also research about usual car repair rates from the market. Online websites (just like DJs Auto Repair) also offer a good estimate of price on your auto repair.

Other than user manual and market research, having knowledge about machinery and parts of the vehicle give you an idea if you are being ripped off or charged rightly for your auto repair. The chicanery of a mechanic using big fancy words will become clear to you if you have knowledge about vehicles. After all, knowledge is power!


Self-done is well-done (DIY approach for minor auto repairs):

Just like the time old saying, doing minor auto repairs yourself will not only give you a sense of satisfaction and accomplishment; but is a real money-saver too. When we say DIY, we do not suggest you get into major engineering but simple little things which do not require any rocket science. These could be:

  • Do Your Own Oil Change
  • Change the Battery
  • Change Your Own Brake Pads
  • Change Your Spark Plugs
  • Replace a Headlight or Taillight
  • Replace Your Windshield Wipers
  • Replace Your Air Filter
  • Fix a Chipped Windshield

These auto repairs are simple and easy. And tutorials for novices can be found on the internet which makes it even easier to repair your car yourself.

In the case of a major breakdown, we recommend you to hire professional auto repair services as you can’t afford more damage to your car after all.


Get recommendations for a good auto repair shop in your locality:

When you own a car, going to a car repair shop is simply inevitable…. Unavoidable. So, when the time comes for you to visit a car mechanic, instead of going to any auto repair shop, it is wise to get recommendations from friends, family, colleagues, neighbors, etc first. There is a great deal of reliable information available online as well, in the form of reviews, ratings and a business’s overall online presence.

A website like BBB can guide you about vehicle repair shops with an A+ rating and also those shops which you should avoid.

You can also save a great deal of money if you befriend a good car mechanic or simply stick to one auto repair shop with whom you have had good experience in the past or the ones who offer valuable knowledge and guidance online.

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