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5 Reasons Why You Should Consider Buying a Hybrid Car

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5 Reasons Why You Should Consider Buying a Hybrid Car

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Why are hybrid cars becoming highly popular these days? It is quite clear that they offer a variety of benefits which other cars don’t. The brightest feather in Hybrid vehicle’s cap is that they pose a lesser burden on the environment. Since hybrid cars are relatively new in the market and not everyone knows much about hybrid car service or maintenance, here, we have collected a few tips for the maintenance of your hybrid car.



1. Better Mileage:


Less speed can increase your engine life. Full hybrid cars are designed in such a manner that under certain conditions, like low speed and light cruising, they shut off their combustion engines. This results in reduced depreciation of the engine because there is not so much of load on the engine. Resultantly, the cost of your hybrid car maintenance will remain low.



2. Maintenance Cost for Hybrid Cars is Same as Other Cars:

One of the common misconceptions about hybrid cars is that the maintenance cost of a hybrid car would be more than the maintenance cost of a traditional car with ICE (Internal Combustion Engine). Of course, this is a wrong impression. It might be only in people’s head because of its advanced technology, electric parts, and sophisticated internal system. The truth is that the maintenance cost for both cars is similar. While you get your hybrid car repaired, this tip should help you from getting ripped off.



3. Savings on Engine Oil Change:


A hybrid car does not run on combustion engine entirely. This lesser reliance on combustion engine would make oil change interval longer. The user manual guides you about the interval after which you should change the engine oil. This will save you oil change cost to a great deal, making hybrid car service easy and affordable.



4. Longer Brake Life:


Hybrid cars have regenerative braking system; this helps in charging the battery. The brake pads do not experience that much heat and friction. Therefore, they do not undergo that much depreciation. As one component, the brakes of hybrid cars enjoy a longer life. Since the whole internal system of a hybrid car is linked together; especially the engine, electric drive motor, and transmission; malfunctioning of one part affects other parts. Longevity of brake pads provides longer life for the system connected with it.



5. Long-lasting Battery


The battery of a hybrid car is also one of the real savers. The hybrid car is efficient because of the electric system, including the battery of a hybrid vehicle, that’s designed in a manner that it does not require any huge maintenance. The batteries come with a warranty. If any battery issue arises, you can always claim it from the manufacturer or dealer.


That being said, the internal system of a hybrid vehicle is way more intricate and complex as compared to a traditional car. The well-linked units and wiring system call for help of an expert technician if any problem is encountered. A traditional mechanic doesn’t understand the engineering of hybrid car that much. For a hybrid car service, you must visit only an expert technician.

We at DJ’s Auto Repair are fully qualified and ready to service your vehicles to the best standards.

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