Antique Car Repair

Antique Car Restoration & Repair 101

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Antique Car Restoration & Repair 101

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Determine Scope of Work

No two classic car restoration projects are quite alike. The scope of work involved with antique car restoration and repair varies based on the extent of your car’s dings, dents, and ‘doomed’ parts. While cosmetic restoration gives your vehicle the appearance that it’s ready to roll, you can’t enjoy the open road until you address what’s under the hood. This is where the cost of your project can rise swiftly. When you complete the overall assessment of your restoration, compare the projected costs with the budget you have allocated. Ensure you can complete the project—an obvious, but vital first step.


Newer Isn’t Better

When ordering replacement parts to install in your classic car, always look for original parts. This is of particular importance if you intend to resell your vehicle or want to maintain a purely classic approach. Although modern parts help to increase the performance of your car, they lower its collector’s value. All its major parts should match the original factory numbers, including the ones for the engine, transmission, and rear axle.


Look for Signs of Wear and Tear

Inspect all the welds on your vehicle. Over time they deteriorate, and in a classic car, there is more time for erosion to occur. If you see any gaps in the welds, fix them immediately. Taking the car out on the road before repair only creates an opportunity for existing issues to worsen.


Details, Details

Finally, a thorough maintenance record will reflect the work you’ve put into the car and provide a work history for interested buyers. If you do your vintage car repairs and restorations correctly, your buyer will drive away happy while you go to the bank even happier.

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