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Do You HAVE To Spend Big $$$ Replacing Your Key Fob At A Dealership?

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Do You HAVE To Spend Big $$$ Replacing Your Key Fob At A Dealership?

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Lose your keys? We have excellent news for you. You can save money by replacing your key and key fob at DJ’s Auto Repair.

At DJ’s Auto Repair we can replace your missing or broken key fob at a fraction of what a dealership will charge. It is one of the many auto repair services we offer to keep your vehicle running and help save you money.


Why do vehicles have key fobs?

Key fobs provide drivers with convenience and added safety. They work by syncing a randomized code between the fob and the transmitter on your vehicle. The randomization process prevents the key fob from being vulnerable to theft.

Luxury car dealerships have been known to charge customers as much as $1,200 for a new key fob. Today, DJ’s Auto Repair can get you the same key fob up and working for a fraction of the price.


Has your key fob gone missing?

We’ve all been there. There is very little hope of recovering a key fob that has been dropped in a lake or the ocean. If it is found, the water damage will likely render it useless.

Whether you know exactly how your key fob got lost or simply misplaced it, losing your key fob is a frustrating experience. Thankfully, it doesn’t have to be an expensive one. Stop by DJ’s Auto Repair—or give us a call if your means of transportation has been compromised—and we’ll have a new fob ready for you in no time.


What happens if your key fob stops working?

Many key fobs fall out of your pocket and meet an untimely demise under the tire of your car or shoe. A crushed key fob will not function correctly and will need to be replaced.

What if the key fob stops working? Say, the “unlock” button gets pushed 250+ times while it is out of range of the transmitter—this is not unheard of, especially if you have a toddler around—and stops working. A key fob will discontinue randomizing and syncing unique codes with the transmitter after so many tries when the fob is out of range. This is a safety feature to help prevent theft.

Don’t panic. Your key fob is as child proof as it is theft proof. We can get your key fob synced with your car again.


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