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4 Reasons Why Preventative Maintenance Is Important For Your Car

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4 Reasons Why Preventative Maintenance Is Important For Your Car

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At DJ’s Auto Repair we recommend preventative maintenance for all our customers. As your vehicle ages, belts, filters, fluids, and more get used. They need to be checked regularly to make sure they are replaced before they cause your vehicle to malfunction.

Our team will make sure you understand what needs replacing and why. We won’t recommend any maintenance that isn’t needed.

1. Keep your car running at full power.

Vehicles are not cheap. If you own or lease a vehicle, you want to take advantage of every benefit it has to offer. Sometimes it’s the smallest of issues that keeps your vehicle from driving like it was designed to. A well-maintained vehicle runs at full power.

2. Routine maintenance is a safety issue.

When your vehicle is running as it should, all the safety features are at full strength. Many drivers risk getting in serious accidents by neglecting to take their car to the mechanic on a regular basis. 5% of all motor vehicle fatalities are clearly cause by automobile maintenance neglect.

3. Extend the life of your vehicle.

Most drivers that  are paying off their vehicle month by month are counting on the vehicle to run long after it has been paid off.  Routine maintenance will ensure your vehicle keeps running for longer.

Routine maintenance might seem expensive up front, but it is far less expensive than dealing with more serious maintenance or having to buy a new vehicle. Even if you only need minor maintenance on your vehicle, don’t put it off too long. A small issue can easily become a larger, more expensive issue. Neglected maintenance is sure to shorten the lifespan of your car.

4. A well maintenanced vehicle is kinder to the environment.

We all need to do our part to benefit the environment. If your vehicle has a leaky part, the fluids escaping are not just costing you money, they have the potential to do harm to the environment. A vehicle running smoothly is more eco-friendly than one that has been neglected.

Come to DJ’s Auto Repair for all your maintenance needs!

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