how to auto repair your tires

The Importance of Your Vehicle’s Tires

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The saying goes, “don’t cheap out on three things; your shoes, your bed, and your tires.”

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It makes sense when you connect the three things. They all keep you off the ground. You spend a great deal of time in your car. It could be commuting to and from work, picking up the kids from school, or grabbing dinner on the way home. On average we spend about 100 minutes in the car. But what keeps us safe in the car? Yes it is the seatbelts, the airbags, and the brakes, but the tires are what separates us from the ground. Having good, reliable tires can keep you safe in your vehicle. As tires wear down, it could dramatically increase the distance you need to bring your vehicle to a proper stop. Good tires also prevent loss of traction on the road, which is common in inclement weather. The best thing for you to do is come in and let our professionals take a look at your tires to prevent an unwanted auto repair.

Checking Your Tire Pressure

Your tires need to be properly inflated to get the most out of their lifespan. Not sure how much air needs to be in it? You can find that information in two places in your car. The first is in your owner’s manual, and the second will be on the inside of your driver’s side door. Keep in mind that some cars call for the front tires to have a different tire pressure than the rear tires. Do you still need help? The next time you’re in for an auto repair or check up, let our mechanics show you how.

Rotating Your Tires

What is a tire rotation, and why do you need to do it? This is when each tire is moved to a different position on your car. The pattern that it is rotated can depend on if it is front wheel drive, rear wheel drive, or all-wheel drive vehicle. This is to help even wear on your tires, and extend their road life. It is recommended to rotate your tires every six months, or 6,000 miles. If you think you might forget, aim to rotate your tires every other auto repair visit when you change your oil.

When To Replace Your Tires

Unfortunately as time goes on, and the miles add up on your tires, you will have to change them eventually. How do you know when it is time to finally replace your tires? You do this when the tire tread has worn down to 4/32” of an inch. Now most people can’t eyeball that measurement, but there are little “hacks” that can help you out. You can use an age old trick called “The Penny Test”. This is when you take a penny and place it face down inside the tread of your tire. If you can see any part of Abraham Lincoln’s hair, it is time to replace your tires. Also on your tread, there are little horizontal dashes along your tire. If these marks are flushed with you tire tread, it also means that your tires need to be replaced. These marks are tire wear indicators, and are located on your tires exactly for that.

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