car mechanic Top 5 Worst Places for a Car Breakdown

Top 5 Worst Places for a Car Breakdown

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Top 5 Worst Places for a Car Breakdown 

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Unfortunately, it is not uncommon for a vehicle to break down. What determines the speed in which it can be repaired by a car mechanic is where the breakdown occurs. There are some pretty great places for car trouble to take place. For example, a gas station or even on the street in front of your car mechanic shop are convenient places to have vehicle trouble, if you have to choose.

But what about those other places?

Here are the top 5 worst places for a car breakdown. We think you and your car mechanic will agree that these are the opposite of fantastic.

  1. The Drive-Thru

Okay, you’ve taken your date out for a movie and now it’s time for a late night snack. The fast food restaurant drive-thru is still open so you make your way across town for a little Super Size Me action. You place the order, roll up to the next window and as you hand over the cash for dinner, the car dies. Not a problem if your date is a car mechanic. Otherwise, it’s probably not the best way to end a date.  

  1. The Wilderness

It’s night. It’s dark. It’s nowhere near civilization or your car mechanic. You are hours away from anywhere and there’s nothing to see except an endless wave of forested trees and a ribbon of highway. You decide to stop and soak up the surroundings. What could possibly happen way out here? You guessed it. The car won’t start. Argh!!!

  1. The Off Ramp

Cruising down the freeway is a fast and easy way to get somewhere else. So you find your exit, slowly slide over to the inside lane, take your off-ramp and just as you get off the freeway your car sputters and chokes. At least you have your car mechanic on speed dial, right?

  1. The Desert

This is a variation of The Wilderness, except it’s daytime and you are still out in the middle of nowhere. But at least in the desert you can see where you were way, way back there. There’s no traffic. There are no gas stations in sight. And certainly no car mechanics. It’s getting extremely hot. The car overheats and packs it in. Just like your car mechanic said it would.

  1. The Get-Away

When they said they needed a driver, you had no idea why. They hinted at it being some kind of adventure experience. What they didn’t tell you was that it had to do with a robbery and that you were providing the get-away car. Now you are speeding down a city street with your foot to the floor and hoping that when your car mechanic mentioned you needed a tune up last week, he wasn’t talking about the car. So you shift gears, stomp on the gas and it happens. The car stalls. The car mechanic was right. You should have stayed in bed this morning.

What’s On Your List?

Even if you’ve never had a car break down, you don’t ever want it to happen in a place where your car mechanic can’t help you. They are the guys who keep your vehicle purring and getting you where you’ve got to be when you’ve got to be there. Trust your car mechanic because…they know.

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