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Changing The Oil In Your Car | Car Repair

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Changing The Oil In Your Car

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“… the oil hadn’t been changed in three years.” The service writers gasp. Mechanics cringe all around the campfire. One mechanic stops tuning engines entirely.*

It is so important for your car repair to get the oil in your vehicle changed as frequently as the owner’s manual says to.


The oil in your vehicle keeps the parts running smoothly.

Engines get very hot and the parts inside them move very fast. Oil lubricates each part to keep it running. Without oil the metal parts of your engine would weld themselves together. The engine would not be able to run. It would likely seize, which could cause an accident.

The owners manual for your vehicle has important information about oil. It will tell you how often to change the oil, how to check the status, and what kind your vehicle will run best on. Engine oil is being improved all the time. But newer oils aren’t always better for the vehicle you have.


The oil in your vehicle gets dirty.

Your vehicle has a filter to clean the air that goes into your engine. These filters help, but they do not catch every particle of dirt. They also need replacing over time. The dirt that gets into your engine usually gets caught in the sticky oil lubricating the parts. A little dirt is fine, but as the filter helps less and less, and more dirt comes into the engine, the oil becomes inefficient.


The oil in your vehicle will eventually turn to sludge.

Even with no dust or dirt, your oil will begin to turn into sludge. Oil sludge is just what it sounds like. The oil turns to a gel. The dirt particles in the oil give this gel a muddy texture. This sludge causes corrosion and many other issues for the parts of your vehicle.


The oil in your car will begin to ruin your engine with no warning signs.

Perhaps the most dangerous consequence of not changing your oil is not knowing that your car is unsafe to drive. You may not notice the gradual change in the performance of your vehicle as metal parts weld together and sludge settles into the engine.

At some point, your vehicle will malfunction. It could be when you start the engine, or when you are driving down I-40.

*The credit for this humor goes to whoever wrote this tweet. May we all find our respective support groups.

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