Five Dos & Don’ts of Dealing with Auto Mechanics

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Five Dos & Don’ts of Dealing with Auto Mechanics

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While handing over your car to a mechanic for repairs or maintenance, you would want that it gets the best possible services in a timely manner. You can get quality services without any time delays if you know how to deal with a car mechanic. Here is a list of five Dos and Don’ts for dealing with auto mechanics if you want to get things right, first time and in-time.


1. Communicate Clearly:


To get the best possible services from your auto mechanic, you must tell him what went wrong and when. You might as well want to provide a written list of any abnormal sounds, smells, jolts, etc. so that the mechanic can have a better insight into the problem with your vehicle. Details, like when you started experiencing the problem and what happened just before your car stopped working, would enable the auto mechanic to repair it speedily.


2. Be Realistic In Expectations:


While you drop your car for repairs, ask the auto mechanic about the problem he has identified, how much time is required for its repairs and also, get a clear estimate about the cost this repair would incur. The mechanic might suggest a few repairs which would save your vehicle from major damages in the future; therefore you must understand that he has your car’s longevity in his mind and he is suggesting this for your car’s health in long-term.


3. Be Available But Do Not Hover:


If you decide to leave your vehicle at the repair shop while you have to run errands, then make sure that the car mechanic can reach you if he requires information about your car. Provide him with your phone number and make sure that you keep your phone close to you so that the repair is not delayed due to your non-availability.

On the other side, do not nag car mechanic again and again by asking details of repairs. You have come to this car mechanic after extensive research; you must put your faith in his skill and competence. Hovering might make him lose focus, it might confuse him as well, and the result could be a damage to your vehicle.


4. Do not Hand Over A Cluttered Vehicle:


Before handing over your car to an auto-mechanic, make sure that you have tidied it up. Clear all the mess. Other than being common courtesy, that gives a good impression as a client, and it also helps mechanic in repairing your vehicle efficiently. He can work systematically and speedily.


5. Do not Forget to Ask About the Warranty


If your vehicle’s warranty is still valid, ask the mechanic which luxury repairs will be covered under warranty. This will save you from paying extra for those luxury repairs which your warranty has got covered.


With these simple things, you can build a rapport with an auto mechanic, and that will help you in getting the best possible services for your car.

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