The Funny Things About RVs

The Funny Things About RVs

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The Funny Things About RVs

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The open road.

Nothing beats loading up the family in that giant home on wheels and heading out to who-knows-where. Summers were made for holidaying and RVs were made for keeping everything together when you are travelling from one place to another. Imagine not having to book hotel reservations or arranging for a forwarding address. Just gas it up and go until it gets dark.

But what do you really know about that rolling building filling up your driveway and part of your neighbor’s? Here are some funny things about RVs every vacationer should know.

1 – It Wasn’t Always an RV

These gas-guzzling apartments on wheels have not always been known as RVs (recreational vehicles). They were identified until the 1960s as campers or travel trailers. Luckily the term “Takes Up Two Lanes” did not catch on or we’d be calling them something other than an RV!

2 – About a Month a Year

Unless you have chosen the open road as your full-time home, the average RVer spends anywhere between 28 and 35 days a year in their ‘travel trailer.’ That’s using it for what it was meant for and not living in it in the park across the street for a change of scenery.

3 – Freedom Under 55

Not counting those suffering from a midlife crisis, the average RV owner is 48 years of age. The average RV salesman is 58 and the average RV mechanic is 38. Okay, we made up the last two to try to make a point. RVing is not just for seniors.

4 – Showers Don’t Matter

Studies indicate that the most popular month of the year to roll on down the road in the RV is April. This is probably why tenters don’t test the ‘April Showers’ theory. The next four popular RV months are August, September, June and July.

5 – The Ten-Percent Rule

Studies reveal that in the United States, one-in-ten households that own a vehicle own an RV. There’s no indication what the other nine have, but you can bet there are a whole lot of pre-owned, very old sets of wheels.

6 – You May Need a Mortgage

There is a good reason why we have been comparing the average RV to the average house. Some of these wheeled homes can cost as much as or more than the house you currently own. In fact, the most expensive RV known on the planet costs $3-million! It still needs to be hooked up to a sani dump when parked in an RV park.

Now that you know some more about travel trailers, you should also keep in mind that they require regular care and maintenance. So if you love your RV and all its funny quirks, don’t be afraid to show it. We can help you keep it in top condition so you can keep on hitting the road. Just don’t hit it too hard – that could hurt.

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