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How to Find a Good RV Mechanic

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How to Find a Good RV Mechanic

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Having an RV turns your life into a full-time adventure; a real and raw experience yet comfortable at the same time. Of course, what can be better than traveling the whole world while being IN your home? Or, better yet, what can beat the thrill of taking your whole home with you on vacations?

However, you have to keep one thing in mind. RV isn’t an ordinary vehicle, and it cannot be taken to an ordinary auto repair shop for repairs and maintenance. You need to treat this giant machinery in a special way. Let’s talk about the ways that can help you find a good RV Mechanic; one who can keep your vehicle in good condition and do the repairs responsibly. Here are our top 5 tips to find a good RV Mechanic.



Find a certified and specialized facility

Well, it is quite obvious that you cannot take your RV to a regular auto repair shop. Why? Because of its special design, huge size and other features, an ordinary repair shop or mechanic cannot be trusted for its repairs. The extra batteries and generators that run its appliances make an RV quite technically challenging. So, you must find a certified RV mechanic or auto repair shop like DJs Auto Repairs to maintain your RV.



Ask for recommendations

Before handing over your RV to any mechanic, we’d advise you to do a little research of your own and ask around for recommendations. Ask other RV owners about their suggestions or recommendations for a professional RV mechanic. Their experience would become your guide for getting top-notch repairs and services. You can also look for different options online; search for an RV mechanic in your area online, check out their website and blog if any, and contact them if you resonate with them.



Have a meeting first

Instead of directly going to a repair shop for your RV repair or maintenance, you should consider setting up an appointment with your potential RV mechanic first, so that they can make proper arrangements for examining your vehicle.  This would also save you the headache of getting in line, waiting, only to find out they may not have time to take your vehicle in at the moment…resulting in a wasted trip.



Refer To Your Warranty

Before taking your RV for servicing, you must find out if the RV mechanic you are going to hire can repair your vehicle under the terms of warranty and insurance claims. This would help you from getting ripped off since you won’t have to pay for the services that are covered by warranty or insurance.



Tell Your RV Mechanic About Your Next Trip Destination

Before starting to cruise on your RV, see an experienced RV mechanic who comes highly recommended. Tell them about your next vacation destination so that they have an idea about the terrain and dust conditions. This would help them focus on the specifications which might create a problem during the trip. Also, a good RV mechanic can give you a great piece of advice for a smooth ride even on the roughest terrain.


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