How To Find An Honest Mechanic (put us on your list 😉)

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How To Find An Honest Mechanic (put us on your list 😉)

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The team at DJ’s Auto Repair really just wants to fix our customers cars at a reasonable rate. So you can drive a safe vehicle AND afford groceries. We know we are being honest. We also understand the concern. Just like any industry, the auto industry has a few dishonest characters.

Don’t take your car to just anyone. Here are some things you should look for when you want to find an honest mechanic.


1. Look for certifications.

There are associations and councils that give ouT certifications to good auto repair shops to help drivers get a better idea of how qualified they are. Thankfully, they don’t just hand these certifications out to anyone.

While you are investigating an auto repair shop’s certifications, take it a step further and make sure to check out the association that gave it out. A reputable one will have information on the web.

DJ’s Auto Repair is a member of the National Institute for Auto Service Excellence and the Automotive Service Association. We support the Car Care Council’s “Be Car Care Aware” initiative, educating drivers on how to save money by being proactive with preventative maintenance.


2. Look at reviews.

Find reviews on the repair shop Facebook page and Google listing. Look for details and names of employees to ensure the reviews are legitimate. You can also ask around to see if any of your friends or family recommend the shop. Try posting on Facebook. Facebook is a great place to reach and get feedback from everyone in your circle.

Find reviews for DJ’s Auto Repair on Google and Facebook.


3. Start with a small repair.

Don’t wait until your vehicle is in need of major, expensive repairs. Take your vehicle to the auto repair shop when something minor is wrong. You can see how they handle it, and if they are honest about pricing.

You want to work with a mechanic that communicates well, even for small repair jobs. Being able to explain the problem in layman’s terms is very important.


4. Know a little about your vehicle (read the owner’s manual).

This will be a little difficult if you are driving an old or used car. Read through the owner’s manual so you know about different features and minor care details (like how often the oil needs to be changed).

Reading the owner’s manual might seem like the most boring task there is. Most owner’s manuals are full of everything the car manufacturer is legally required to let you know. So most of it will seem unimportant.

It’s still worth the read. If you have a little understanding of what the manufacturer recommends for your vehicle’s care, you will be able to tell if a mechanic is being honest. It could save you a few dollars.

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