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Is Your Car Ready For An Impromptu Road Trip This Summer?

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Is Your Car Ready For An Impromptu Road Trip This Summer?

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Is your vehicle ready for a road trip? Summer time is a great time for fun, last-minute trips with friends and/or family. Just make sure your vehicle is ready to go. Summer road trips have their challenges. Your vehicle will be dealing with the extra pollen, heat, and UV rays just like you will. Bring your vehicle to an auto mechanic at DJ’s Auto Repair and we’ll do a thorough inspection. We’ll let you know which issues need to be addressed before a road-trip, and which ones can wait.

Your auto mechanic at DJ’s will check
  • The air filters in your vehicle to see if they need to be replaced to handle the pollen,
  • The AC to make sure it is in working order, and
  • Any other problems that might be exaggerated due to heat.

Here are a few road-trip tips from the auto mechanic team at DJ’s Auto Repair.

Snack-proof your vehicle.

It doesn’t matter how old you are. Your road trip snack selection should look like a 12-year-old was set loose in a grocery store with $50.

Here are a few steps you can take to prevent your road trip snacks from getting spilled all over, or grinded into, the interior of your vehicle.

Use Cling Wrap.

Get creative with Cling Wrap! Cling Wrap can be a huge help when you need to spill-proof a container. Use it on anything you need a makeshift lid or cover for.  It can be used as a makeshift lid if you stretch it across a cup and stick a straw through the middle.

Tip: Cling Wrap isn’t reliable when it is reused. Make sure you are well-stocked. The last thing you want to happen is to re-seal a container with the same Cling Wrap. The “cling” is not so secure the second time used.

Designate a trash collector.

Many road-trippers have found that a grocery bag sealed inside a plastic cereal container makes a great trash collector. The shape of the cereal box is convenient when space is limited. A plastic cereal box can also be sealed to prevent the garbage from spilling.

You might have other more convenient plastic containers to collect your trash in. Find what works best for your vehicle. Just make sure it is properly sealed so trash doesn’t spill everywhere—this always happens at the most inconvenient times. 

Use a shower-caddy or similar container to hold food items.

Eating on the go is tough. The road is bouncy and spills are easy to happen. Keep fast-food meals and snacks in a plastic basket to help keep them secure.

Safety tips.

Having your vehicle inspected by an auto mechanic is a great way to ensure it will handle the long roads and destination stops you have in mind for the trip. Here are a few more things you can do to keep safe while you are on the road with your friends.

Print out the directions.

Data always seems to be scarce when you need it the most. Make sure you have a map and directions in a non-digital form.

Print out important vehicle-related how-tos.

Just like directions, you might experience a flat tire right when you lose your connection. If you don’t know how to change a tire, jump-start a vehicle, refill essential fluids, or more, ask someone who does, write it down or print it out.

Trust your instincts.

Road trips often involve you and your friends being in unfamiliar territory. If a place seems uneasy, trust your instincts. Stay together. Drive until you find a safe place.

Other tips.

Dryer sheets are great for road-trip smells.

Road trips are great for building long-lasting friendships. You’ve bonded over road-trip troubles and unforgettable road-trip experiences. It’s also a time for getting to know your pals better. For example: finding out how they smell after 10+ hours in a moving vehicle.

Put out dryer sheets to help freshen the air in your vehicle. Dryer sheets are less expensive than air fresheners. They come in a convenient box and can be spread around the vehicle as needed.

Don’t underestimate the need for chargers.

Everyone will need a charger at some point. Your road-trip pals might also have more than one device.

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