holidays and your auto mechanic

Preparing Your Vehicle for the Holidays

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The holidays are a time for joy, family, and friends.

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It also means long hours of driving your vehicle. Not everyone is an auto mechanic, but we can at least give you some pointers for your upcoming trips.The best thing is to do is to bring your vehicle in to DJ’s Auto so our professional auto mechanics can give your car a look. In the meantime, this list could help you out.

Preparing Yourself

First thing is we need to prepare you. Make sure you know your general directions of how to get to your destination. We live in an age of so much information that lives in the palm of our hands, but sometimes that can go wrong. It is so easy to type in an address, and your Iphone will automatically give you an estimated time to get there. Make sure if something does go wrong, such as losing signal in the middle of nowhere, you can still find your way out of the woods. If it is a longer trip lasting more than 4 hours, you might want to consider planning more stops and time that it will take to get there. Will you pack a lunch, or would you rather stop and grab a bite to eat? Traffic conditions can vary depending on the time of day, such as rush hour and the city. Larger metroplexes will be more congested than smaller rural areas.  

Under the Hood

Before hitting the road, go ahead and pop your hood. Check all engine fluids, especially the oil level. If you have never done this before, look for a cap with an oil pan symbol, or the words oil. Next to that cap is a dip stick you can pull out to check the oil level. Check your power steering fluid, brake fluid, and engine coolants by making sure they are above the fill line, but under the max line.  Are your windshield wipers efficient? You do not want to be caught in inclement weather with a bad pair of wiper blades. If they are leaving a streak or “skipping”, try wiping it down with white vinegar before you hit the road. If that doesn’t resolve the issue, let an auto mechanic from DJ’s replace it for you.

Your Tires

Your tires are very important to your vehicle. To check your car’s correct tire pressure, open the front driver side door. There should be a label that has the front and rear tires’ psi (pounds per square inch). Use a tire pressure gauge and firmly press it against the tire valve. You will hear a short “hiss” sound as the tire gauge gets its measurements. This is a short, simple task that can save you lots of money.On top of that it is making sure your vehicle is safe to drive.If you have any doubt, any one of auto mechanics would be happy to show you how. Just bring your vehicle in.

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