RV Maintenance Tips to Keep Your RV in Good Shape While on The Road

Maintenance Tips to Keep Your RV in Good Shape While on The Road

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Maintenance Tips to Keep Your RV in Good Shape While on the Road

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If you love your RV, you need to do proper RV maintenance! Taking the time to care for your RV will pay off down the road. Just like you (hopefully) do regular upkeep and maintenance on your car, you should do the same for your RV. This will keep it in good condition so you can rely on it for many trips to come.

Indeed, many of the RV maintenance procedures  are simple and should be possible for just about anyone to do themselves. The following are some simple tips to help you maintain your RV while out on the road.

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Proper Lubrication

Have every one of the pivots, sliders, locks and anything that moves around oiled. One of the best lubricants to make use of is the dry silicone type. It functions well in all applications and doesn’t draw in dirt.

Tightening and Fixing

RVs experience a lot of bumps and vibrations while on the road, and this can cause screws to get loose. Now and again, get hold of a wrench and a screwdriver and re-fix everything. This minor preventive measure can spare you a lot of trouble. Give careful consideration to anything attached to the outside of your RV. If not tightened properly, it can fly off onto the road.

Regular Cleaning

Everything functions better when it’s kept clean, because grit and dirt causes wear. Quality wax and UV protectants will prolong the life of your RV and keep it looking great.

Check Under the RV

While you may not enjoy getting down on the ground to inspect the underside of your RV, it’s truly worth doing. Check for broken or loose items. A brief check can prevent you from getting stuck along the expressway, something no one wants to experience.


Inflate your RV’s tires to the required specification and inspect them consistently. Check for any defects before you embark on a trip. Keep the fasteners fixed to reasonable torque settings. Get a torque wrench and become more acquainted with how to use it. Finally, reduce the tires’ exposure to sun as much as reasonably possible.

Lights, Seals, and Seams

Ensure you have replacements for every kind of bulb your RV makes use of. Inspect the marker and flag lights to ensure they function properly before getting on the road. Have a look at the outside seams and seals. Check for any holes or cracks, especially on the rooftops. Most damage to RVs is caused by the penetration of water. Leaks inside a wall can unnoticed for quite a while, causing mold to grow. Carefully checking for flaws can prevent costly damage.

Of course, each RV is different. it is best to go through your owner’s manual to check if there are any special maintenance requirements for your specific RV.

The liberation you will feel if you are drawn to towards RV travel is worth every penny. It makes sense to go the extra mile to make sure your RV stays in good shape as long as possible. This will also ensure each trip goes smoothly, so you can enjoy your vacation with your RV parked in a campground instead of broken down at the side of the road.

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