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5 Things to Consider Before an RV Repair

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5 Things to Consider Before an RV Repair

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Driving an RV down the interstate on your way to a vacation is one of the best feelings ever.  It almost rivals having a place to stay while you are traveling around the country. To keep that feeling, it’s essential to keep your RV in top shape. However, servicing an RV is different from your standard repair on a car.  Here are some of the reasons an RV repair is different, and a few things to look for in a specialized RV mechanic.
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  1.    An RV is, well…bigger than a car

When it comes to doing repairs and maintenance, first there’s the simple issue of an RV’s size. A regular mechanic does not have the space to work on an RV. They need a large bay to work on the vehicle, and this can only be accomplished at certain facilities.  Lifts to get under an RV are also not available at common auto repair shops.  Finding the appropriate facility should be your first priority.

  1.    RVs have different engines.

Your RV has a different engine than those of your other vehicles.  An RV’s engine sits under the cab as opposed to under the hood, and is accessed by opening a compartment in the front of the RV. The average car mechanic doesn’t have the experience necessary to work with these engines, while a specialized RV mechanic does.

  1.    RVs have special features.

There are many features specific to RVs that other cars don’t have. An RV mechanic is specially trained to take care of these features. These include the extra batteries and generators that are required to run the appliances, as well as the many other features that keep you comfortable while you travel.  An RV’s septic system is also an important maintenance item that you do not want to neglect! A good RV mechanic has you covered.

  1.    Experience is essential.

Experience is an important part of being a car mechanic, but it is perhaps even more important when it comes to your RV. When choosing a repair shop, make sure your RV will be serviced by someone who has the appropriate experience and certifications to work on your RV.

To have the individual appliances serviced on your RV, you will need to ask your RV mechanic if they are trained to work with that device.  Many appliances will need to be serviced or repaired by specialists who have worked with them before.

  1.    Check your warranty.

An additional concern is your warranty.  Should your RV be covered under a warranty, you will need to make sure that the RV mechanic you are going to is capable of working on your vehicle under the terms of your warranty.  Insurance claims work the same way.  Simply ask the shop and your insurance company beforehand.

Do you want to get the best service and repairs for your RV?  Look for an RV mechanic shop that has certified technicians and the know-how to get things done right the first time. Your travel companions will thank you.

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