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Sounds, Smells, And Other Signs You Need To Tell Your Car Mechanic About

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Sounds, Smells, And Other Signs You Need To Tell Your Car Mechanic About

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At DJ’s Auto Repair we are very proud of our mechanics. A good car mechanic can help you recognize an issue with your vehicle and get it fixed before it becomes an expensive repair. The key to good maintenance for your car is communication.

Tell us how your vehicle is performing. Bring up any issues. Sometimes customers ignore problems because they are afraid the sound or smell is not a problem, but rather a common occurrence most car owners are used to. Or they don’t want to overreact and pay for a fix that wasn’t needed.

Don’t ignore issues with your vehicle.


What is your hobby? Chances are, there is skill or profession you know more about than we do. That is how we feel about cars. We know not everyone is a car mechanic — or even a car enthusiast. Even if we get the same questions day after day, at least we know our customers are driving safe vehicles.

Want to know car mechanic stuff anyways? That is great! Your vehicle is an investment. We want you to have as much information as you need to properly care for it.



Probably one of the most difficult issue to diagnose is a sound — don’t worry, we’re still up for the challenge. Sometimes the sound is being caused by an empty water bottle you left in the back seat. Sometimes the sound is an early warning sign that there is a major mechanical problem in your vehicle.



Did you know our noses adapt to smells? It is true. So how do you know if something is wrong with your vehicle or you are just passing by an, unfortunately, smelling section of the road?

Our noses don’t adapt that quickly. If you identify a smell for more than a day, you should investigate it.



Is there smoke coming out from under the hood of your vehicle? Sometimes you can determine what is burning from the color of the smoke. For example, White smoke is usually coming from the radiator.  Blue smoke is a bad sign — very bad — when oil burns the smoke is blue. Pull over somewhere safe and give us a call.

DJ’s Auto Repair: 501-834-3000



Note any significant vibrating, jolting, or hesitations you feel from your vehicle. Remember what your car was doing when you felt that something was off. A hesitation when you start the vehicle could indicate a much different problem than a hesitation when you accelerate.

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