Antique Car Repair

Things You Must Do When Going for Antique Car Repair

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Things You Must Do When Going for Antique Car Repair

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Don’t we all just start drooling when we see an antique car passing us by? It’s like having a glimpse of classic era… of vintage times. But, one cannot deny the fact that owning a classic car is not that easy. It requires A LOT of care and maintenance, so the owner has to be really patient and mentally prepared to visit the mechanic for regular maintenance. Also, if you own one, you want it to have some of the updated features. Here, we have compiled a list of things which you must know before going for antique car repair so that your classic beauty remains classy, elegant and safe.



1. Update Safety Equipment

Most vintage cars do not come with upgraded safety equipment like airbag and seatbelts. And honestly speaking, this is something that you can’t overlook. While going for antique car repair or maintenance, upgrading safety is something which goes without saying. You can also install a few accessories that would not affect its vintage feel — accessories like a USB/Bluetooth Audio System, New Light Bulbs, Better Wiring, Auto Door Lock System, GPS Tracker, Concealed Dash Cam etc. These are the things that will make your car more fun and secure without ruining its vintage feel.



2. Get a Restoration Book or Manual

The restoration book can guide you really well to keep your classic beauty in good form; from fixing engines to minor repairs. With a little bit of practice on even regular cars, you can easily do minor antique car repairs yourself. This way, you will not be risking your beloved piece of machinery by handing it over to someone else who does not know the worth of your gorgeous ride.



3. Learn to listen

When you own a vintage car, there may be some noises that just come with it. However, some of them might mean a disaster is about to happen. So be very careful to changing noises, and listen for repetitive patterns.


There are many online forums for vintage car care. If you are even suspicious of any problem in your car for which you think manual cannot help; you can look it up at forums.  A lot of members will happily give you great tips for your antique car repair and maintenance.


4. See A Specialist

In case, your car breaks down or encounters a serious fault, be ready to go the extra mile for its repair. A regular auto repair shop is not an ideal place for getting your antique car repaired. You must look around and ask for recommendations from vintage car owners about the best antique car repair shop or mechanic to do the repairs. We know it looks like a hassle but owning a vintage piece of machinery is not easy. You cannot treat it like an ordinary or regular car and therefore, it cannot be handed over to a regular mechanic. You need someone like DJs Auto Repairs Shop to make sure your beloved is in good hands!

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