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4 Breakdown Safety Tips

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4 Breakdown Safety Tips

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Need a tow? DJ’s Auto Repair offers affordable and convenient towing services. If you happen to break down within 10 miles of DJ’s Auto Repair, and use our service to get your vehicle up and running again, towing is free.

1. Using your Best Judgement, Guide your Car to Safety.

First things first. As soon as you understand that your car is breaking down, make your way off the road. Here are a few important things to remember.

  • Don’t slam on the breaks. It might be your first instinct in an emergency. However, smooth and gentle is the best way to get your vehicle to safety.
  • Gently guide your car to the safest area available.
  • Activate the parking brake.
  • Turn the steering wheel away from the road. This way if your car does start rolling, it won’t roll into traffic.

2. Make Yourself Visible.

Now that your car has come to a full stop it is time to make your car as visible as possible to make sure other drivers see you, and that you receive proper towing services.

  • Turn on your emergency flashers. Most cars have a big red button for emergency lights.
  • Place reflective triangles behind your vehicle to give drivers advance notice of your location. Reflective triangles should be placed 50 feet behind your vehicle.
  • Turn on your interior dome light.
  • If you have them, use emergency flares 50 feet behind your vehicle.

3. Stay in your Vehicle.

It might seem like a good idea. This might be your only chance to experience the fast moving highway outside the safety of your vehicle. The idea of being the only human in sea of fast moving vehicles might sound like a great experience. Trust us, it is not worth it.

There is a reason fines are doubled when workers are present in a construction area.

Another reason to stay inside your vehicle, our drivers can’t help you if you are not present when they show up for your towing services.

4. Don’t Receive Help or Towing from Just Anyone.

While most people that pull over to make sure you are ok have the best intentions, there are a few that don’t. For this reason we don’t recommend accepting help from anyone but our tow truck drivers and police officers.  

DJ’s Auto Repair towing services are affordable and convenient. Here is the number: 501-834-3000

Trust your instincts. Your subconscious sometimes seems like your secret, personal Sherlock Holmes—specifically, the one played by Benedict Cumberbatch in BBC Sherlock Holmes*—. It observes, and gives you a annoying accurate summary of what is going on without explaining any details.

*A recommended road-trip binge for everyone but the driver.  

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