Towing Your Vehicle When It Breaks Down

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Towing Your Vehicle When It Breaks Down

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Have you ever had one of those days when nothing is going your way? You overslept so now you’re late. You’re trying to get your kids ready for school but you can’t even get yourself ready for your day. You finally head out the door, but guess what… the windows are frosted! You finally put the keys in the ignition but all you hear are clicks. As if your morning wasn’t already a bad nightmare, now you’re stuck because your car won’t start.

We hope reading that didn’t stress you out too much. Even though we can’t go back in time and start your day over, we can help you with your car situation. We offer towing services back to our shop to diagnose your car and see what’s going on. In the unfortunate event that we do have to send one of our trucks to get you, here’s some tips on what to do while you wait.

The Breakdown of Your Breakdown

The best thing you can do in any breakdown is to remain calm. Although it can turn any day into a bad day, it’s an inconvenience that will get better. Knowing your surroundings such as where you are (knowing if you are close to landmarks, highway exits, intersections), as well as the make and model of your car can help speed up the towing process. Take a deep breath, try to think clear, and take note of where you are.

Your Car Won’t Start in Your Driveway

It couldn’t pick a better time. Either you’re trying to get out of your driveway or you’re trying to get home before rush hour, it’s not turning on. Luckily you’re not on the road, and hopefully you can go back inside while you shortly wait for us to come whisk away your vehicle. You’re going to want to get your essentials such as your cellphone, wallet, maybe your purse if you have one. But other items that might come to mind could be back packs, jackets, or prescription medicine. You’ll want to keep those just in case you need them while we are towing you back.

Breakdown on the Road

The most important part is your safety. If you can pull into a parking lot or neighborhood that would be great, but we also understand it won’t always be this easy. Pulling over on the side of the road is the next best thing, preferably the right side.  Do not try to push your car by yourself as this can be very dangerous.

You need to make sure other drivers can see your car, especially at night. It would be a good idea to keep those headlights on and turn on your hazard lights (the red triangle). Raise the hood on your car if you are not on the highway, and set out reflective road cones if you have them. Getting out of your car can be very dangerous, and even more so if you are in a high traffic area or highway. It’s also important to not stand in front, behind or near your car, as other drivers might not be as attentive. Besides contacting us, you will also want to contact a family member or friend and explain to them your situation. Having too many people know is not a problem at all. Sit tight, buckle up, and we’ll be there as soon as we can! Did you know that we offer free towing up to 10 miles with repair of your vehicle at our shop? Call us at 501-834-3000 and we can help break down your breakdown.

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