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What Is The Deal With Foreign Cars?

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What Is The Deal With Foreign Cars?

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At DJ’s Auto Repair our mechanics are trained and equipped to do foreign car repair. We’ve noticed there are a few misconceptions about foreign car repair among drivers shopping for new vehicles.

Don’t limit your choices based on whether or not the vehicle is foreign or domestic. Here is what you need to know.


Foreign car repair is not more expensive.

There is a common myth that if a vehicle is foreign it will be more expensive to repair. Since the vehicle is not made in the United States, many assume parts are more difficult to get. This is no longer the case. Dealerships and independent automotive shops — like us — have access to parts for foreign cars that are no more expensive than domestic car parts.

The BMW X3 is manufactured in the United States. It is repaired with the same parts as a BMW manufactured in another country. This globalization means parts are not difficult to find.


Cars are often both.

There used to be a big difference between foreign and domestic cars. These days most automotive companies are globalized. A foreign car manufacturer may have the vehicle assembled in the United States, like the Volkswagen Passat, but still with foreign parts.

Cars at dealerships have a window sticker indicating where the vehicle was made and where the parts came from.


Automotive manufacturers build and source to get the best price.

Car manufacturers have learned, over the years, it is often more cost-effective to build the vehicles where they will be sold. The Chevrolet Silverado truck — a truck that is most popular in the Texas area — is built in the United States and Mexico.


It takes a different kind of research to determine which vehicle you should buy.

Resources like Kelley Blue Book can give you an objective view of the vehicle you are considering.

  • How much should it cost?
  • How much repair will it need?
  • How much do repairs cost?

Those looking to buy a vehicle will find better answers from these resources than they would by determining whether the car is foreign or domestic.

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