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When Does Your RV Need Repair?

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When Does Your RV Need Repair?

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When does your RV need repair? There are several answers to this question.

Most would say right before a trip, and while they aren’t wrong, you should also be considering getting your RV repaired after trips. It is highly advised to get your RV fixed once a year but if you are taking long trips yearly, you ought to have it serviced at least twice a year. Here are some tips for figuring out whether your RV needs repairing now or shortly.


Gas Leaks

RV’s can experience accidental fires due to leaking LP gas lines. While that is a scary prospect, the solution is simple.

Annually have your LP gas system thoroughly checked by an authorized RV mechanic to ensure there are no leaks.

Propane tanks in RV’s are also prone to leaks, cracking and rust due to road vibrations and repeated use.

You can easily detect cracks or leaks in your RV propane tank by the foul odor it will emit or by repeated beeping from the system’s LP valve.


Blown Tires

The last thing anyone wants during a road trip is a blown tire, RV’s especially need to maintain repair before and after long road trips, doing so is crucial to the safety of the journey.

For most other cars a blowout means an inconvenience, but for RV’s it can cause an accident that is dangerous to those driving the RV and those on the road directly surrounding the RV.

To avoid any such accidents, check the condition of the tires. Notice any cracking or wear on the tread? Take it to be serviced asap.



The actual operating of an RV can prove quite tricky if you neglect to adjust your driving for the size of the vehicle.

Take down measurements and keep them within sight as you drive your RV for the first few times or if it’s a rental every time. Knowing the size of your RV will help you avoid making contact with bridges and overhang at gas stations, drive-throughs and other areas with height clearance.

Don’t wait, get your RV repaired today to avoid the hassle of a last-minute repair job!

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