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Why Do Antique Cars Interest So Many People?

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Why Do Antique Cars Interest So Many People?

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Antique car repair can be pricey. It requires finding a mechanic that knows how to fix a car built before the advancements in modern automotive technology were used. Yet so many people are thrilled to dive into the hobby of collecting, fixing up, and showing antique cars.

DJ’s Auto Repair Shop offers antique car repair. We love seeing a classic car roll up to our shop. We help customers keep their treasured automobiles running, gaining even more character as the years go on. Need your antique car checked? Contact us, or give us a call at 501-834-3000.

Here are a few reasons why so many people love antique cars.


1. They were built before many of the rules and regulations car manufacturers carefully follow for safety were even created.

Driving an antique car on a road with traffic is not a good idea. Many antique cars were designed before crash test dummies were invented. The Volkswagen Beetle that hit roadways in 1939 is a favorite for many antique car enthusiasts. However, the engine placement in the rear of the vehicle is a serious safety risk to the driver.

The designers that created the first automobiles had nothing but motion to consider. They created beautiful shapes and used craftsman skills, no mass production.


2. An antique car represents the era it was built in.

Sometimes nostalgia is a huge driving factor for collectors. The car represents a time in history and how much things have changed since it was manufactured. Every antique car has a story. Each paint scrape, dent, rattle, crack the car has is from years of use.

Driving an antique car is getting to experience another era.


3. Antique cars offer a more authentic driving experience.

The modern cars we drive today have several electrical components that help the vehicle respond to the driver. In an antique car, the driver is connected directly to the vehicle. They are more responsive and require a bit more concentration to drive.

With all the safety features we have today, we often forget how dangerous it is to travel at such high speeds. In an antique car, you can feel exactly how much danger you are in. Drivers that prefer an authentic experience on the road appreciate the handle and ruggedness of an antique car.

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